The 大学的关系 department is composed of a team of creative and marketing professionals who are dedicated to showcasing the Brookdale CC brand, and sharing the many stories that originate from Brookdale.

We support Brookdale’s departments in their efforts to advance Brookdale CC’s mission of promoting our students’ personal, 教育, and economic success.

The department strives to project and promote a positive im年龄 of the College through clear, concise and honest communication which includes accurate, 及时的信息, positive and professional presentation, and adherence to consistently high standards.


Kathleen Kamatani, Executive Director
Laura Oncea, Director Communications
Shanna Williams, Coordinator
Arielle Ponce Napolitano, Associate
Gina Ziegler, Social Media Administrator
Kevin Cosme, Graphic 艺术ist/Design Coordinator, Marketing
Anthony LaGaipa, Graphic 艺术ist/Design Coordinator, Marketing
Patrick Zavorskas, Coordinator, Social Media Influencer/Marketing


We are located in the Brookdale Administrative Center, lower level, in BAC 100